Classes Offered

Hot Rod Chassis


Anything you would want to know about Chassis of a project, from modifying a frame to scratch building one. Lot of TIG & MIG welding fun!!!

Hot Rod Body


Weld-on panels, fabrication and metal shaping. Any metal work that could be done by welding, rolling, shaping and general fabrication fun!!!

Hot Rod Body Advanced


Advanced Metal Shaping using power tools, custom body mods; chopping sectioning, channeling, suicide doors   and a lot more metal work fun. The possibilities are endless!!!

Hot Rod Upholstery


All Automotive upholstery; from the headliner to the carpet. Seats, door panels, including stock type replacement down to full out custom fun!!! 

Hot Rod Refinishing

Doing finish body work with the fillers, primers and getting it ready for paint, is work, but the

Refinishing is the reward for all the hard work. Finish body work, filler, primers, and pep for paint is a lot of work; but so rewarding. Painting fun!!! Learn from the best at Hot Rod Institute 

Hot Rod Performance


Hot Rod Performance covers all that mechanical need to make that project car burn the tires and rip up the streets. Engines, transmissions, wiring, AC install, brakes, and the rear differential. All for the fun of performance!!!