Hot Rod Upholstery



Hot Rod Upholstery teaches students the aspects of interior trim design and fabrication. Students will gain valuable experience from lecture and extensive lab (hands-on) opportunities. Student educational competencies will include sewing machine parts and operation, basic seams, and industry terminology. Students will be responsible for demonstrating proficient skills at re-covering simple seat boxings, head/arm rests, sun visors and a bucket seat. Seat construction including the use of foam and/or springs will be covered; along with the repair these seat features. Custom seat cover layout including pattern development, fabric selections, and advanced seam design will also be taught. Students will discuss the skills necessary to install carpet, complete headliner and convertible top fabrication and installation. Students will be allowed to bring in personal upholstery projects to further their education and hands-on live work experience. Students are required to keep an hourly work log and document their work with pictures for portfolio development.


Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

-Understand the Hot Rod and Specialty Automotive Upholstery Industry

-Demonstrate proper use of sewing machine and industry terminology

-Good working knowledge of material research and ordering process

-Demonstrate skillful use of basic upholstery seams and stitches

-Demonstrate the proper procedure for sewing advanced seams including pleats, rolls, French seams

-Demonstrate the proper procedure to repair/restore a foam seat

-Demonstrate the proper procedure to creating a seat cover with and without a pattern

-Demonstrate the proper procedure to cover an interior panel

-Discuss the proper procedure for installing automotive carpet

-Demonstrate the automotive upholstery estimate procedure

-Discuss proper procedure for installing a convertible top

-Set daily and long-term goals and work diligently to attain them

-Properly log completed work hourly for the purpose of documentation and customer invoices