Mission and Visioin


Hot Rod Institute's Mission

 Hot Rod Institute is dedicated to providing a quality, specialized education to students with the passion and determination to achieve success in the Hot Rod and Specialty Automotive Industry. Although deeply rooted in the history of Hot Rodding, our curriculum focuses on current Best Practices in the Specialty Automotive Industry through extensive hands-on experience. Hot Rod Institute’s Diploma Program and Certificates of Completion provide our students with the possibility of direct entry in to the industry they are being prepared for. 

Hot Rod Institute's Vision

 Hot Rod Institute is committed to becoming regarded and respected as the Leader in Specialty Automotive Education. We recognize that in order to realize our Vision we must continue to improve as an institute; exceeding our stakeholders’ expectations while providing topnotch education based on the needs of employers in the Hot Rod and Specialty Automotive Industry. 

Hot Rod Institute's Purpose

 In alignment with our Mission and Vision, we view the following objectives to be the main purpose of Hot Rod Institute.

  • To provide students a specialized post secondary education, focusing on the skills of the Hot Rod and Specialty Automotive Industry.
  • To provide students a safe and orderly environment in which to study the practical and professional skills taught at Hot Rod Institute.
  • To provide students with the ability to create and update their professional resume and portfolio, assisting with gainful employment opportunities by displaying their technical skills, abilities, and personal interests.
  • To provide employers of the Hot Rod and Specialty Automotive Industry with educated, experienced, and qualified entry-level employees.
  • To preserve the history of the Hot Rodding Tradition by passing on yesterday’s skills and styles to a new generation of Hot Rodders.

Hot Rod Institute's Core Values and Beliefs

 Hot Rod Institute believes that our responsibility to our stakeholders is the basis of our core values. We recognize our main stakeholders to include our students, the employers of the Specialty Automotive Industry they are preparing for, our staff and the community in general.

  • We believe in providing the premier education for Hot Rod and Specialty Automotive Industry, the guiding force behind our decisions, standards, and policies.
  • We believe our students’ successes directly reflect the success of our institute.
  • We believe in developing SMART goals for students, faculty, and the institute.
  • We believe that respect is the foundation of our ethical standards, and it is imperative to embrace the diversity of the institute and the community.
  • We believe in responsibility, integrity, and accountability of all People within Hot Rod Institute - students, staff and faculty.
  • We believe that the Hot Rod and Specialty Automotive Industry is one of passion and individuality; challenging while fun and rewarding.
  • We believe in a curriculum focused on hands-on experience, continually updated in best practices of today’s top hot rod and specialty automotive shops.
  • We believe in teamwork, preceded solely by safety.
  • We believe in the importance of small class sizes and the quality education they provide.