Hot Rod Chassis




Often the first class in a student’s Diploma Program, Hot Rod Chassis covers both automotive frames and general fabrication techniques. Students will gain valuable experience from lecture and extensive lab (hands-on) opportunities. Students will study the skills necessary to design and fabricate custom automotive frames and suspensions. Students will begin with educational competencies in MIG and TIG welding, Oxy-Acetylene and Plasma cutting, and tube notching (fish mouth tubing). Measuring, pattern development, and different metal types will also be covered. With these skills, students will continue to study aspects of front and rear automotive suspensions. Front suspensions include designs like straight axle and long arm short arm (Mustang II type). Rear suspensions include four bar, triangulated four bar, trailing arm, and independent (IRS). Front and rear suspensions using coil over, leaf, and air springs will be covered. Motorcycle frame and suspension will also be examined. Students are required to keep an hourly work log and document their work with pictures for portfolio development.


Upon successful completion of this course the student will able to:

Understand the Hot Rod and Specialty Automotive Industry

 Demonstrate proper steel welding techniques using TIG and MIG Welders

 Demonstrate proper steel cutting techniques using Oxy-Acetylene and Plasma Torch setups

 Demonstrate proper tubing notching and bending procedures

 Have a good working knowledge of automotive frame components, design, and construction

 Have the skills to perform proper automotive frame modifications safely and correctly

 Demonstrate a good working knowledge of different automotive front suspensions and setups

 Demonstrate a good working knowledge of different automotive rear suspensions and setups

 Set daily and long-term goals and work diligently to attain them

 Properly log completed work hourly for the purpose of documentation and customer invoices